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Golden Rules

Golden rules to live happily with your room mate………..

To stay with the person you don’t know at all is of course not an easy task. But when you come in hostel, it becomes inevitable for you to stay with unknown persons. But at the same time you can also enjoy your life if you get accustomed to them. Follow the following steps and you will surely enjoy the company of your room-mates. 

  1. Clear everything while setting up: it is but obvious that your room mate can not know about your likings and disliking until and unless you inform him/her. So when you are going to setting up everything mention all the does and don’ts so very frankly.
  2.  Respect his/her wishes: when your room mate is willing to adjust with you, you should also respect his/her choices and you should also try to understand him/her. If you are seeking for respect, then you should also be ready to respect others. And never borrow anything.
  3. Clear up the issues when they are small: when ever you feel that something is going wrong, clear up the matter frankly with your room mate at that point of time only. Remember without speaking anything, no one can understand your thought. Suppose if your roommate has the habit of keeping the things on the bed, inform him or her that you are not comfortable with his/her this habit when you see it for the first time only. Otherwise she/he will also take it as granted that you are comfortable with his/her habit.
  4. Keep habit of locking window or door: what if your roommate’s precious thing gets stolen? You might be responsible for that if you have left the door or window open.
  5. Don’t bring your friends at your room too often: because they are your friends of course you would love to invite them at your room and have a fun together. But think about convenience of your roommate. And also ask him/her whether he/she likes it or not.
  6. Don’t expect too much: don’t expect much from your roommate. And don’t consider him/her as to be best friend.
  7. Take initiative: if your roommate is reserved or shy he/she might not mix up with you, at that time you try to go closure by giving space as well as sharing the matters. Sometimes the person does not share much not because of the ego or attitude but because of the reserved nature. S o try to understand it.
  8. Be open and accept new things: because he/she is a different person, his/her habit and way of thinking must be very different and unexpected sometimes. But now you have to be mature. Accept the differences and try to adjust changing some of your habits. Because change inevitable.
  9. Give space: it is necessary to understand how much your room mate likes to discuss the matters. If he/she does not want to share something with you don’t force. Give him/her the space. Don’t interfere too much thinking he/she is your best friend.
  10. The golden rule: treat him/her the way you would like to be treated. Respect him/her the way you expect respect.

Apply these many of rules and see you will start enjoying company of your room mate.