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Other major cities

Current Active members in Manchester- : 637
162. Shruti
Have a Room
  • About Me :

  • Max Rent :

    £100 Per Month
  • Location :

    UK - Manchester
Last Activity :04/01/2014

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Having a Room.

163. faisal
Have a Room
  • About Me :

  • Max Rent :

    £100 Per Month
  • Location :

    UK - Manchester
Last Activity :28/12/2013

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hi, i am faisal 38 years old workinf full time i need a furnished room

164. pankaj jain
Looking for Room
  • About Me :

  • Max Rent :

    £500 - 600 Per Month
  • Location :

    UK - Manchester
Last Activity :24/12/2013

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require a room near london specilay jain commmunity , i require furnished aparment on rent

165. Bandita
Have a Room
  • About Me :

  • Max Rent :

    £300 Per Month
  • Location :

    UK - Manchester
Last Activity :12/12/2013

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Its a one bed room apartment and i am looking for a flat mate to share with as i stay alone if any one interested do contact me asap.

166. Raja Aditham
Looking for Room
  • About Me :

  • Max Rent :

    £100 - 500 Per Month
  • Location :

    UK - Manchester
Last Activity :09/12/2013

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need a room with shared facilities and near city center if possible

167. Aditya singhania singhania
Have a Room
  • About Me :

  • Max Rent :

    £340 Per Month
  • Location :

    UK - Manchester
Last Activity :04/12/2013

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Hi there, I have got a large double room to rent in a newly refurbished house. The room is very large and you really need to view it appreciate it. The room is available now. The room is so large its ideal for a couple because of its size. I had lots of English, Spanish, French, Italian, polish, French and even indian couple living in this room and they really found it comfortable and enjoyable. The location of the house is very safe and at the same time very convenient for both students and professionals . because its on oxford street it has lots of buses to the city centre and to go anywhere else in manhester. The house has unlimited wireless internet , fully equipped kitchen with all mod cons like microwave , gas hob and cooker and a washing machine etc. Its also has a nice garden for those summer barbeques. There is free parking available. The postcode is M14 4EB, to see the exact location on google map. The house has a fantastic location on oxford just opposite whitworth park, 5 min walking distance from both Manchester University and Manchester metropolitan university, also 2 min walking distance from St. Mary`s hospital. Even Tesco, Lidl, shopping malls, internet cafes, banks, library, post office gymnasium all are just a 1min short walk from the house. Especially for all the Indians , Chinese and middle eastern and south Asian people there are lot of shops like world wide , where you can get foods and ingredients from all over the world . Its right next to oxford road and hence got good transportation links to the city centre, airport and anywhere in the Manchester. From city centre you can take 41,42,43,15,111,141,142,143, X57 and many more buses for the house. It takes only 15 min from the house to the city centre on bus . The weekly pass for buses going to the city centre is just about £6.00 which is the cheapest as compared to any where in Manchester. Also since the house is very close to the princess road all the motorways are easily accessible .The curry mile is just a five minutes walk, so you have lots of restaurants, take aways right at your doorstep. There is also the whit worth museum and art gallery just around the corner. And though its appears to be a very busy area the house itself is in a quiet cul- de - sac with the huge whitworth park right at its door step. So you can experience peaceful walks in the park though being right in the middle of all the hustle and bustle. Overall it’s a very convenient and safe location for students as well as any professional person. I am quite sure you would really like the house and the area. The rent of the room is £76 p.w. but this includes council tax, water and unlimited internet bills. But gas and electricity you would have to share with the other house mates but its generally around £15. so the room is quite economical. Besides its just walking distance to the university so save money as you don’t have to pay for the bus pass. So if you really interested or would like to get any more information please contact me on or call me or I am available on what’s app as well Thanks for reading. shweta

168. Naeem
Looking for Room
  • About Me :

  • Max Rent :

    £100 - 200 Per Month
  • Location :

    UK - Manchester
Last Activity :01/12/2013

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need room in bradford, manchester and birmingham for one month. will be travelling off and on on these locations

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